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Auto & Motorcycle Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance isn't just a good thing to have to protect you financially in the case of an accident; in many states like Connecticut it's required.

Cheap Car Insurance, Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Waterbury CT
Auto Insurance Explained, Discount Car Insurance, Waterbury Connecticut

All of the Insurance companies we represent provide a wide range of auto Insurance products at a fair price. Your price gets even better if you qualify for any of our available discounts. When applying for auto Insurance, you're usually asked whether you want collision and/or comprehensive coverage, how high you want your deductible to be, what liability limits you want, and whether you want any types of optional coverage.

Frequently Asked Question: How much car insurance coverage do I need?

There are a number of factors that help determine how much car insurance you may need, like how far you drive, the type of vehicle you own, where you live and your budget. Consider the following when thinking about what auto insurance coverage options are best for you:

If you’re making car payments, chances are the lender will require the vehicle to have comprehensive and collision coverage.

The deductible determines how much you pay out-of-pocket after a covered loss. So, if you’re looking to save money, consider increasing your deductible, which will lower your auto insurance rate. 

The age of your vehicle is another factor. If you have an older vehicle with a lower value, it might not make sense to pay for more expensive coverage like comprehensive and collision.

You should also consider how much liability coverage you need. Remember, if you only have $20,000 in liability coverage and you cause an accident that generates $100,000 in damages then you could be liable for the amount above your coverage limit. 

Taking these and other factors into consideration will put you on a path to better understand how much car insurance you might need. Learn what each coverage term means so you can craft the right coverage plan for your needs, or speak with one of our knowledgeable agents. They’ll help create a customized plan specifically tailored to your needs. When you understand what you’re buying and how it protects you it’s easier to make the right choice. Together, we’ll get you fully covered with premiums that are as affordable as possible.

Teen Drivers Frequently Asked Questions; Car Insurance Connecticut

Teen Drivers, Frequently Asked Questions

Motorcycle Insurnace

When driving down the street and the sun kisses your skin as the wind blows through your hair, you're relaxed and at ease. To paint this picture perfect, you would need to make sure your bike is covered and protected against anything down the road. This will give you a peace of mind when taking your bike out for a ride knowing that you're insured. Choose from our wide selection of protection that best suits you. We want to create the best policy for you and your bike, making it an easy and simple process.

Motorcycle Insurance, Waterbury Connecticut
Motorcycle Insurance, Scooter Insurance, Moped Insurance, Classic Bike Insurance, Sport Bike Insurance, Waterbury Connecticut

We insure bikes of any make, model or style such as:

Sport Bikes
Classic Bikes
Custom Bikes

Call us today at 203-757-5737 to learn more about our various Connecticut auto insurance options and to receive a complete coverage review and free quote.

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