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Why Choose Main Street Insurance for Connecticut Health Insurance?

We are local, experienced Connecticut Health Insurance agents.

We know Connecticut and what health insurance coverage is available for you in our area.

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Our goal is to provide you with clear information so that you can make informed, confident decisions about your healthcare insurance plan.

We will guide you through your options so you make the right decision for you and your loved ones. 

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Top 10 reasons to work with us for health insurance

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1) Flexible Eligility
Employers with 50 or fewer full time equivalent (FTE) employees can obtain coverage through Access Health CT Small Business; sole proprietors cannot obtain coverage. While you must offer coverage to all full time employees (employees who work an average of 30 hours per week), you can elect to offer coverage to part time employees.

Connecticut Health Insurance Business Tax Credits

2) Small Business Tax Credit
Tax credits
may be available on your contribution to your employees' premium:
□ Small businesses - up to a 50% tax credit.
□ Non-profit Organizations - up to a 35% refundable tax credit.

Credits are only available for health plans purchased through Access Health CT. To qualify your small business must:
□ Have fewer than 25 full time equivalent (FTE) employees*;
□ Contribute at least 50% of each employees insurance premium; and
□ Pay an annual average wage of about $50,000 or less**

* The small business owner and any immediate family members who the owner may employ are excluded from the employee count.

** The small business owner's and immediate family members' annual wages are not included in the average wage.

Compare Connecticut Health Insurance Plans

3) Ease of Plan Comparison

Compare plan design features (e.g. cost sharing for prescription drugs, office visits and plan deductibles).

Connecticut Health Care Insurance Plan Choices, Waterbury CT

4) No Fees or Required Lines of Coverage

There are no administration or membership fees and you can choose the specific health or dental plans you want to offer your employees.

Connecticut Health Insurance Plan Choices & Options, Waterbury CT, New Haven CT, Hamden CT

5) Choice

Choose a plan selection strategy that best meets your employees' needs.
□ Vertical Choice - Access to all plans that are available from the insurance company.
□ Horizontal Choice - Access to plans in one metal level.
□ Single Choice - Employer chooses one plan for the group offering.

Access Connecticut Health Insurance Plan Options & Choices, Waterbury CT

6) Choice of Plans

Access Health CT Small Business offers four metal levels of coverage and a variety of plans, including Health Savings Account (HSA) plan design options. We also offer plans that provide services not subject to the plan deductible, such as physician office visits or laboratory services.


Connecticut Defined Health Insurance Contribution Plans, Waterbury CT

7) Defined Contribution

Set a defined dollar amount or cover a percentage of your employees' premium costs which allows you to have a fixed annual health insurance budget.

Simple Health Insurance Enrolment, New Haven CT, Hamden CT, Waterbury CT

8) Simple Enrollment through the use of Universal Forms

Access Health CT Small Business uses universal enrollment forms. You will also receive an itemized bill.

Connecticut Health Insurance Support, Waterbury CT, Hamden CT, New Haven CT, Naugatuck CT, Torrington CT, Litchfield CT, Winsted CT, Hartford CT, Southington CT, New Britain CT, Meriden CT

9) Dedicated Customer Service Support

Phone:  203-757-5737


Affordable Dental Insurance Connecticut, Waterbury, Hamden, New Haven, Hartford, New Britain, Southington, Meriden, Litchfield, Danbury, Winsted, Torrington

10) Dental Insurance

Dental health plays a large part in your employees' overall health. We offer a variety of plans and an advanced dental shopping experience.

Choices and Options to meet You and Your Employees Needs

□ Access Health CT Small Business offers flexibility, choice and convenience of an online or paper application.

□ You can join at any time of the year, regardless of when your current group insurance renews.

□ Using our "Defined Contribution Strategy" can save you time. It also offers more financial predictability because the amount you contribute is decided up front; your employees choose the plan that best fits each of their individual financial and health needs.

□ Your employees' contributions towards premiums are pre-tax for them.

Health insurance coverage may also be offered to your part time employees at your discretion.

Connecticut Health Insurance Covergae, Access Health CT, Health Insurance Options, Health Insurance Plans, Waterbury CT
What is the Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit?

Small Business Tax Credit Scenarios 

Below are examples of how your business can save. For-profit companies will receive the tax credit when annual taxes are filed, while the credit is refundable for tax exempt companies.

Visit Access Health CT to use the free health insurance tax savings calculator by clicking button below

Connecticut Health Insurance Business Tax Credit Examples
Connecticut Health Insurance Business Tax Credit Scenarios


Medicare Advantage and Supplement Healthcare Options
Connecticut Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medigap Insurance, Medigap plans, Prescrition drug plans, Medicare Part C, Medicare Part C plans, Medicare Part D, Medicare Part D plans, Health plans, Senior health plans

Confused by all the health care options available to you and your loved ones?

Overwhelmed by the complexities of Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and other choices?

Do you want the comfort of having the confidence that you have a comprehensive healthcare plan in place for you and your loved ones? 

Call or visit your local Main Street Insurance office to learn about:
■ Medicare Advantage coverage
■ Medicare Supplemental Insurance
■ Medigap Insurance
■ Medigap plans
■ Prescrition drug plans
■ Medicare Part C & Medicare Part C plans
■ Medicare Part D & Medicare Part D plans
■ Senior health plans
& more.

Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental Coverage, Affordable Health Insurance Connecticut, Access Health CT, Waterbury CT

Let us guide you through the Medicare insurance maze.

Call 203-757-5737 or email us for more detailed information and quotes. ​

Get a Free Health Insurance Quote Now! 

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